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Advisory Services

Simplify and modernize your intelligence business processes, or improve data intelligence and analytics – trust that DYNMAXA can help your team :

Evaluate digital strategies

Assess implementation

Analyze and Develop ROI

Establish a project
roadmap that reduces risk
while maintaining quality

Help you to execute your business strategy through technology, to deliver a unique and ongoing value.

Through our innovative Intelligent Digital Transformation framework, we identify the proper intelligent cloud platform components; whether on-premise, cloud or even hybrid; along with a roadmap for technology adoption. With the Intelligent Digital Transformation

Armed with long experience in various industries, along with deep understanding of technology, we work together with both business and intelligence to identify the trends and opportunities throughout the entire digital customer lifecycle

helps you identify the needed digital capabilities to deliver an ongoing competitive differentiation, enable the modernization of your applications and the transformation of your existing Systems of Records and Systems of Engagements, to Systems of Intelligence.

To help you establish your digital needs and strategy, we follow a methodical approach where we perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing digital assets and your customer digital needs.


Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Eliminate high maintenance apps, internal data center resource requirements, and silos of legacy systems. Streamline processes and increase effectiveness

Risk Mitigation

Automate processes, improve internal controls, increase infrastructure and data center security, and protect against the risk of losing app “owners” or mainstream support

Estimate Costs and Analyze ROI

Gauge both the direct and indirect costs and benefits of moving apps and workloads to the cloud, more accurately calculate TCO, and use real numbers to evaluate ROI.

Improve the Customer Experience

Provide customers with accurate, real-time information about products or services – when, where, and how they want it improve effectiveness of sales and field teams

Reduce Operating / IT Complexity

Simplify your enterprise infrastructure and decommission / replace legacy or complex business apps with a modern, easy-to-use, and integrated business platform.

Roadmap to Success

Identify and document risks, milestones, methodologies, and key success factors -providing your company with a project plan that has a higher chance of succeeding and driving value

Our services provide a unique range of benefits

Cloud Readiness

Evaluate your current infrastructure landscape and help envision a future state in the cloud that aligns with business goals.

Cloud Migration

Discover and assess existing software and workloads, identify target destinations, and prepare to make the move to the cloud.

Solution Analysis,
Scoping, and Design

Evaluate infrastructure and fit/gap to business strategies. Establish scope, migration plans, and solution design documentation.

Data Architecture

Structured approach for designing Azure apps and workloads that are secure, highly-available, performant and resilient.

Cloud TCO and ROI

Document the TCO of your current app infrastructure and provide an ROI analysis for moving to the Azure cloud.

Project and Implementation Services

Whether on site or remotely and using our intelligent framework, our professionals can build your digital capabilities by transforming physical to digital, delivering new digital services, augmenting your existing digital services capabilities, building digital wrappers, performing application integration and unifying data & processes

We Operate All Over The Middle East Where We Follow A Unified Methodology Across All Geographical Locations.
We Provide Cost Effective Onsite And Off-site Professional Services To Our Clients While Delivering Consistent Exceptional Results.
Our Technologies And Experienced IT Professionals Are Available To Help You Stay On Top Of The Digital Revolution By Executing Your Digital Strategy Based On Intelligent Digital Transformation Framework.
This Empowers Us With Agility And Enables Us To Effectively Mobilize The Right Workforce And Allocate Them On Projects On Time.
Our Project Services Cover A Wide Range Of Technologies For Microsoft And Opensource Whether On Premise Or On Cloud.
Our Experienced Project Managers Armed With The Proven Our Project Management Methodology Will Ensure Successful Delivery Of Projects On Time And Within Budget.

Consultancy Services

We deploy Best Practices, architecture guidance and assistance to provide the best in preventative measures

Preventative Options

We deploy Best Practices, architecture guidance and assistance to provide the best in preventative measures


Our certified and experienced consultants are driven by Successful Results

Personalized Approach

We put the customer at the center of everything we do and provide the consulting services that maximize benefits for your organization

Proactive Advice

Providing Strategy & Planning. Upgrade & Adoption Assessments and Operational Readiness

Product Expertise

Capitalizing on our industry and product knowledge to enable Rapid Deployment based on best practices

Our Services Includes

Al & Analytics Services

Discover insights and gain benefits through Magellan Services

Upgrades, Migrations & EIM Projects

Providing planning and delivery for upgrades, migrations and projects

Optimize Assist Services

Proactive programs that assist in maximizing your solution.

Advisory Services

Increase productivity and compliance, reduce risk and optimize business processes

Training Services

Training services will help you make the best use of DYNMAXA solutions. We will help you and your teams to maximize the benefits of the solution and how to employ the solution in a best way to tackle your biggest Solutions priorities.

We can help you master DYNMAXA

Accelerate and optimize the use of DYNMAXA expertise with our training programs. 

We offer training consultants and hands-on activities to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your Solutions and Technology investment and to have a full view of the different DYNAMXA solutions and the relationship between them.

Support Services


Support  Services

We are available when you need us.

Because we adopt a customer-focused approach and we have the culture of listening, DYNMAXA support is always available to respond to clients and resolve any issue they may face.

DYNMAXA has a talented, supportive, and collaborative team of consultants to participate in our customer’s success.

DYNMAXA support is available around the clock and wherever you are. We have experts who can provide you with the expertise you need and each one of them is specialized in a certain area.

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